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Individual Counseling

Get personalized support to meet your specific needs.

Our Approach

Every person requires a unique addiction treatment based on their personality, specific addiction, and history.

At Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services, trained counselors provide personalized individual counseling to ensure you have your specific needs met.

Contact the center today to learn how you can overcome addiction with Residential or Outpatient individual counseling services.

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Individual Counseling Q&A

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What is individual counseling?

During individual counseling, you speak one-on-one with a counselor. You may talk conversationally about your life or your counselor might lead you through specific exercises to help you better understand your addiction.

Your counselor will teach you the skills needed to maintain sobriety, such as how to handle cravings or avoid situations where you are tempted to use. They will also teach you coping skills and other techniques for dealing with emotionally difficult situations without turning to substances.

You can participate in individual counseling as part of inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment services. Individual counseling is part of a comprehensive addiction treatment plan. In addition to individual counseling, you may take medication like antidepressants or participate in group counseling.

Individual counseling is typically an hour a week. However, you may meet with your counselor more often at the beginning of your treatment depending on your needs.

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What are the benefits of individual counseling?

Individual counseling has different benefits than family counseling or group counseling. It’s time that is completely focused on you and your needs.

Some benefits of individual counseling include:

  • Focused, personalized treatment
  • Stronger connection between you and your counselor
  • Assured privacy and confidentiality
  • A comfortable, safe environment to speak about your life

If you don’t feel comfortable or heard in group counseling, individual counseling may be a better fit for your needs.

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What should I expect in individual counseling?

Your experience in individual counseling depends on what type of counseling you undergo. Your counselor may use many different approaches to counseling depending on your needs. For instance, they may use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to give you specific strategies for handling problems. They may use psychoanalytic therapy to address how your past experiences your behaviors

In all types of the counseling, you and your counselor will focus on improving your mental health through constructive conversations and education. Individual counseling should give you the resources you need to better understand your addiction and develop strategies to stay sober.

The compassionate counselors at Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services provide supportive individual counseling to help you with all aspects of your mental health and addiction treatment. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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