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Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services

We are your team for transformation. A professional community resource that has been helping people change their lives for more than 40 years.

what we do

Outpatient and Residential Treatment

Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services is Outpatient and Residential Treatment located in Ithaca, NY & Trumansburg, NY. We are in the transformation business. We partner with recovering individuals, families, and communities to build connection, hope, and growth.

COVID-19 update

Outpatient Clinic Services (Ithaca)

We continue to offer both Outpatient and Opioid Treatment Program services at our 334 W. State Street location. However, we are also increasing and encouraging the use of our telehealth services.

All individuals will be screened prior to entering the building. Anyone interested in an initial assessment or having questions regarding an existing appointment may call us at 607-391-1038.

COVID-19 update

Men's Residential Addiction Recovery Center Services (Trumansburg)

Our Men's Residential Addiction Recovery Center remains open. We are currently continuing to accept applications for new admissions to our facility. However, our admissions process is appropriately slower than normal at this time.

Individuals who are interested in making a referral or self-referring to the program may contact our admissions department at 607-275-5678.

what we offer

Our Programs

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Outpatient Treatment Services

Our Outpatient Services include assessments, individual and group meetings, prescriptions, case management, and a full continuum of care that is designed to embrace the transformative process of recovery.

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Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) & Ancillary Withdrawal Services (AWS)

We offer an Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) and Ancillary Withdrawal Services (AWS) for clients meeting criteria for mild to moderate Opioid Withdrawal symptoms.

C.A.R.S. Residential Facility

Men's Residential Services

A 60-bed Substance Use Disorder treatment program for men that provides clients not only with addiction counseling, but also vocational, recreational, and mental health counseling to support their ongoing recovery.

what we offer

Our Programs

CARS offers extensive services designed to help individuals address and overcome a wide variety of addiction-related issues.

Click one of the options to learn more about each of these issues and how C.A.R.S. helps their clients work through them.

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Our locations

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How to apply or refer someone

Getting started is easy! Whether you are referring someone else or applying for yourself, follow the instructions below:

Contact Us

Click the button below to submit an application to our admissions coordinator, or give us a call at 607-273-5500.

Complete an application

The application will ask for information about medical history, mental health history, substance use, and goals for treatment. Once it is filled out and returned to us, we will reach out to start the program-specific process.

Walk-ins (Optional)

Walk-ins are welcome for our Outpatient and Opioid programs (not for Men's Residential Services). An Addiction Counselor is available to do assessments during our business hours.

Turn over a new leaf

The best time to transform your life is now. Contact us today if you or someone you know is ready for change.