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Group Counseling

Work with others who understand your struggle and can support you through it.

Our Approach

Finding support and understanding from others is key to overcoming drug or alcohol addiction.

At Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services, we use group counseling to help you connect with other people experiencing the disease of addiction.

To learn how group counseling can help you find the support and strength you need to make a complete recovery, call us today.

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Group Counseling Q&A

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What is group counseling?

Group counseling is a type of psychotherapy in which one or more counselors work with multiple people who are experiencing similar problems, such as substance abuse, depression, Bipolar Disorder, or other disorders. Group members each have time to share their struggles and get solutions to issues they face.

Groups can range in size, but are generally 5 to 15 people. Most group counseling sessions occur once or twice a week for an hour or two. Participants each take turns speaking or participate in a more free-flowing conversation, depending on how the group is led. Your counselor may also have specific exercises for the group to complete.

Group counseling is often one part of comprehensive treatment for addiction. You may also participate in individual counseling or take needed medication to help with addiction.

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What are the benefits of group counseling?

Group counseling provides you with a support network you can rely on when your sobriety is challenged, or even when you have a difficult day. Group members share their experiences and help you develop solutions to common problems you may have during addiction treatment.

Group counseling can also help you feel relief or catharsis as you share your struggles with others who understand. It can help you feel good about yourself when you help others solve their problems.

Most of all, group counseling helps you feel understood and know that you are not alone in the fight against addiction. You will be able to put your experience in perspective by seeing people in different stages of recovery. Seeing those who are not as far along as you can help you understand how hard you have worked, and seeing those further along in recovery can provide you with hope.

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Is group counseling effective?

Combining both group and individual counseling sessions is very effective for improving your long-term mental health and sobriety. When you actively and consistently participate in group counseling, your chances for permanent success are greater. Group counseling can bring many benefits to your overall counseling plan, including the support you get from all the members. Those in your group are all unique people who can bring diversity as well as their personal experiences and perspectives to help you gain insight into your addiction.

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