June 8, 2022

OTP Nursing Responds to Community Overdose

CARS' Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) nursing team responded to and provided life-saving support for an off-site medical emergency in Ithaca on Tuesday, May 24th.

At 12:15pm, an individual entered CARS’ Outpatient facility and reported an overdose outside the building and requested the nursing team’s response. Three members from CARS’ OTP nursing staff, including NP Mike, RN Nina, and LPN Madi, responded, were led to a nearby house, and were taken to an overdosed individual. CARS’ nursing staff assessed the situation, confirmed EMS and 911 had been contacted, and initiated lifesaving efforts by administering a first dose of NARCAN and beginning CPR.

After a second dose of NARCAN was administered and as rounds of CPR continued the individual began to show signs of revival. EMS and Ithaca Police Department officers arrived at the scene, took over lifesaving measures, and the individual was revived.

CARS would like to recognize its nursing team’s amazing dedication to service in going beyond the walls of the agency and selflessly saving a life within the community. We are grateful for and humbled by their commitment to excellence in nursing and saving lives during our continued opioid overdose epidemic.