January 1, 2017

Exploring Yoga as a path to recovery

The style of yoga that I teach is called Kundalini Yoga. Though this style of yoga has been practiced for hundreds of years, it was brought to American from India in 1969 by a man named Yogi Bhajan. He introduced this technology to help the young people he saw who had ravaged their bodies with drugs. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan works to strengthen the body’s systems, focusing on the nervous system through postures and breathing techniques.

The challenging classes work to detoxify body and spirit, and to build stamina. This yoga emphasizes physical exercise as well as a variety of meditation techniques. While physically one can develop a stronger body with a regular practice of Kundalini Yoga, spiritual development occurs at the same time. More than other types of yoga, spirituality plays a large role in this practice.

-Caryn Schekler, Kundalini Yoga Instructor