June 30, 2013

Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services in service in our community

Throughout the year we seek service opportunities for our clients as they began the process of transformation. Every week, residents of CARS residential addiction treatment program in Trumansburg volunteer at the food pantry sponsored by Trumansburg area Council of Churches. In other service projects, clients from CARS spend some time socializing at Juniper Manor Elder Housing in Trumansburg, do landscaping work at Hospicare and work at the Reynoldsville UMC Food Pantry.


This year in addition to those service opportunities CARS was a part of some very important community projects such as the Myers Point Playground Build, landscaping at the Jones’ cemetery, painting and landscape work at the Presbyterian Church and the T-burg School Playground Build.


A team of CARS clients were a key part of the construction crew for the new Farmer’s Market Pavilions in Trumansburg

“The work crew from CARS has been an enormous part of the success of the project they have worked as hard as anyone here and have been tremendously helpful.  Trumansburg will be forever grateful to CARS and these guys that have worked so hard to make this project a success”– Alan Vogel project organizer