September 18, 2023

C.A.R.S. and Local Library Celebrate 1st Anniversary

C.A.R.S. and Ulysses Philomathic Library celebrate the first anniversary of a partnership making Finger Lakes Library System’s deep resources available to individuals in residential substance use treatment. The partnership has been immensely successful due to the efforts of Library Director Laura Mielenhausen and Community Outreach Worker Meredith DeCotiis. Every week, invaluable library system resources flow between the library and C.A.R.S., greatly enriching the lives of participating C.A.R.S. patients.

The Library and C.A.R.S.’s commitment to making public library materials available has enabled the partnership to overcome unique challenges (e.g., personally selecting resources, managing delivery and returns) for individuals in residential substance use rehabilitation. Both Mielenhausen and DeCotiis praised C.A.R.S. Residential Counselor Courtney Hurd’s dedication to the program and attention to detail in managing the partnership for Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services. C.A.R.S. and its residential patients are humbled by and very appreciative for Ulysses Philomathic Library’s outstanding commitment to serving their community.