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Welcome to CARS

From Chief Executive Officer, Bill Rusen

We believe in the capacity of people to
transform themselves.”
-CARS enduring purpose statement

The power source for our shared work of transformation is the partnership we build with each of our clients. That requires all of us at CARS to be a creative, visionary and energetic force which regularly provides the one indispensable commodity offered by CARS to our community:  deep and meaningful engagement and connection as partners in transformation and a rich, seamless care experience.
To do this we must live by the values at the heart of our work and maintain strict fidelity to them.  Even beyond mission statements, two essential commitments must guide CARS work:

1.        Every person, and their family, matters.

2.        No person seeking our assistance should have to suffer twice, due to our inefficiency, neglect, inattention
           or lack of the creativity to answer emphatically “Yes” when access to and engagement of care is desired.

As part of this effort I want you to know I consider myself accountable for ensuring the promises above are a reality for you. Therefore, I want you to know that:

1.       You will receive considerate and respectful care and treatment ALL the time.

2.       You “own” your confidentiality and it is YOU, and you alone, who set the rules for that important
This includes, for   example, whether anyone other than you knows you are a CARS client or
          have ever walked through our door.

3.      Coming to CARS is totally voluntary. You decide whether coming to CARS continues or stops.

If you think we have not delivered on this promise, please contact me - CEO Bill Rusen (607)273-5500 ext. 40 or e-mail me at or use the suggestion box in the front lobby (we check it daily) or go to, click on the orange box in the right hand corner and enter the username carscommunity and password transformation and you can submit an anonymous report.

Thank you,

Bill Rusen

William J. Rusen, LMSW
Chief Executive Officer

Please select the link below to listen to the CEO of Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services Bill Rusen talk about how there is always hope in addiction treatement.  Bill appears regularly on WHCU 870 AM's Morning Report with host Lee Rayburn to talk about addiction and recovery in our community. Is Always Hope