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Outpatient Rehabilitation Program
Introduced in 2012

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Pathways Towards Transformation

I want to take a moment to tell you a story of transformation. Transformation is the core of our work at Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services (CARS). It is embedded in our enduring purpose statement, “We believe in the capacity of people to transform themselves”.

Addiction devastates lives, families and communities. It destroys productive people and turns their lives into a shadowy nightmare existence. We at CARS believe that through partnership and hard work we can rebuild and transform that darkness into light.

I want to introduce you to Mike. He is pictured here volunteering at the City Health Club. Mike began at CARS’ Residential Services Unit (RSU) in Trumansburg moved to our Supportive Living (SL) program and transitioned to living on his own. In fact, through our fund raiser, First Downs for Second Chances, CARS established the Pathways Initiative which helps our clients’ transition into the community. We were able to help Mike with a security deposit for his apartment. As Mike said, “I could pay the rent but not the security. Pathways made this possible.”

I will let Mike tell a bit of his own story. “I picked a beautiful place [Ithaca] to get sober. My recovery has been a blessing. I owe it all to Candice [CARS’ RSU Clinical Supervisor] who just told me to come to CARS and said we could solve my problems together. I have been so fortunate. Nancy [CARS’ SL Program Coordinator] worked hard to get me into the Supportive Living program. I got my glasses, my teeth, my health and I have a family doctor. I am now a productive member of society.”

I spoke to Frank Henry, director of City Health Club about Mike. “Mike is an exceptional guy. His attitude is great. Mike has been volunteering for months for us. He takes the initiative to do things like the landscaping outside. Our goal here is to engage and Mike has been a very positive part of that and is always very thankful.”

I am not sure what more I can add to that other than we at CARS ask for your help and support to help us in our work of transformation so a story like Mike’s can continue to be told in the years to come.

–Story by Bill Rusen



For  information concerning our new Matrix Treatment Model, Please select the link below to view as a PDF:

Matrix Treatment Overview

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