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Helpful Links


Helpful Links for professionals and anyone interested in more information about addiction, treatment, and recovery:
Sponsored by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) this site is comprehensive and easy to use.
SAMSHA Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
This is the site of the licensing and supervising body for CARS. Comprehensive site for all things having to do with addiction treatment in the Empire State.
This is the website of one of the leading organization in the field of chemical addiction recovery treatment. CARS uses two Hazelden programs in its Intensive Residential Rehabilitation program.

Local AA and NA Meetings
Ithaca Community Recovery-518 West Seneca Street
 is owned by a, not for profit corporation called "Ithaca Community Recovery."  ICR was formed by a group of local people for the purpose of providing a meeting and activity space for Ithaca's recovering community.

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