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Helpful Links for professionals and anyone interested in more information about addiction, treatment, and recovery:
A description from this resource, "Sober Nation: The nation's largest recovery network and database for addiction treatment center on the internet. Sober Nation strives to give the suffering addict all the resources they need to get sober and to support the recovering addict along their path. Offering valuable information such as college recovery resources, sober stories, and tips to help fight addiction.
It’s not easy to recognize that you may have a problem with alcoholism. In many cases, alcoholics tend to think of themselves as “social drinkers”, and it typically takes a staged intervention of family and friends to make the person aware of their drinking problem. It can all be a little bit overwhelming. Please select the link above for a list of helpful treatment resources.
Alcohol use is seemingly embedded within much of college culture but not necessarily in a healthy way. Binge drinking and alcohol abuse continue to be a public health problem on college campuses but there are things students can do to raise awareness and effect change. This guide offers students 21 and older expert tips on how to keep themselves and their peers safe when drinking. Learn more about college binge drinking and what you can do to drink responsibly without being a buzzkill.
Please select the link above to listen to the CEO of Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services Bill Rusen's All Things Equal Podcast-TRANSFORMATION. Bill appears regularly on WHCU 870 AM's Morning Report with host Gary Stewart to talk about addiction and recovery in our community.
Please select the link above to listen to the CEO of Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services Bill Rusen explain how shame and isolation allow addiction to persist, while positive social interactions provide addicted men and women with perspective and insight into their disease. Bill appears regularly on WHCU 870 AM's Morning Report with host Lee Rayburn to talk about addiction and recovery in our community.
Addiction Center is your comprehensive addiction information hub. We are the definitive guide to the dangers of abusing alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs and more. We review top treatment centers to help you find the one that gives you or your loved one the best chance at a successful recovery.
National Drug Help Line
Talking to Your Child About Drugs
Sponsored by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) this site is comprehensive and easy to use.
SAMSHA Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
Resources for Alcoholics and Problem Drinkers. Your comprehensive guide to getting help and understanding the disease.
This is the site of the licensing and supervising body for CARS. Comprehensive site for all things having to do with addiction treatment in the Empire State.
Join Together is a project of the Boston University School of Public Health. Extremely well-done site that is a great source of solid research-based information on addiction.
This is the home site of two of the leading practitioners and authors (Jeff & Debra Jay) concerning intervention as a clinical tool. This easy to use and the comprehensive site is a great tool for anyone attempting to make sense of the question, "What should I do now that I know about the problem?!"
This is the website of one of the leading organization in the field of chemical addiction recovery treatment. CARS uses two Hazelden programs in its Intensive Residential Rehabilitation program.

Local AA and NA Meetings
Ithaca Community Recovery-518 West Seneca Street
 is owned by a, not for profit corporation called "Ithaca Community Recovery."  ICR was formed by a group of local people for the purpose of providing a meeting and activity space for Ithaca's recovering community.

Global Meeting Schedule-In the Rooms Link (AA/NA Meetings):
Find Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other 12-Step Fellowship Meetings around the world. The most comprehensive list of 12-Step meetings in the world.
Impaired driving continues to be one of the deadliest crimes in America. This site is designed to provide you with information
and resources to fight drunk and drugged driving in your community. 
The National Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center Locator 
The University of Chicago Health Informatics department has curated a visual guide that explains the extreme potential public danger and personal harm of excessive and binge drinking.

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