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Ithaca Outpatient Clinic  334 West State St. P.O. Box 789Ithaca, NY 14850



Providing outpatient chemical dependency services located in Ithaca, New York, we are a team of unique professionals dedicated to providing holistic recovery services that recognize and value the innate dignity of each person. Our services are defined by the values of individual empowerment, knowledge, caring, and the potential of each individual to effectively collaborate in his or her ongoing recovery. We measure ourselves by our ability to assist individuals to experience a life free from the harmful effects of substances and to unleash their own potential.

Our clinic provides rapid access to care and holistic services that respect the biological, psychological, social and spiritual nature of addiction and its impact on our clients, their families, and the community. Through a full continuum of care that is designed to embrace the transformative process of recovery, we stand with our clients providing the right tools and supports to assist them on this difficult journey they have found the courage to begin.

Our primary addiction services include chemical dependency evaluation, groups, individual sessions, medical assessment, Buprenorphine and Naltrexone medication management, and case management services including referrals to vocational, educational, psychological and medical support. These services were developed to assist clients in bridging the gap from active addiction into ongoing recovery.

Honoring the unique challenges and strengths that individuals walking through our door bring, we work to provide services that embrace differences and develop a better appreciation and respect for self. CARS chemical dependency treatment focuses on the brain disease model.  Using research that shows that the limbic system is the central brain area compromised in function during and while first recovering from substance use; we work to educate clients in understanding that recovery is enhanced by learning to avoid extremes of emotion, reactivity, “war stories” and “street behavior.”

Our program structure offers broad flexibility when working with our clients. The flexibility of our program structure allows CARS Staff work with clients to identify problems or needs and to create a client-centric treatment plan that addresses their goals. Clients are responsive to this approach because it allows them to be the ‘driver’ of their recovery. Our staff works diligently to engage the ambivalent individual and provide continuous assessment of the client’s needs. We do so through frequent individual sessions along with a host of group program offerings. Our diverse and multi-disciplinary team works hard to incorporate fun and meaning into our program structure every day.

CARS Group Offerings:


Intake & Orientation 

Early Recovery 

Freedom Thinking 

Exploring Trauma (Women’s Trauma Group) 

Building Resilience (Men’s Trauma Group) 

Anger Management 

Health in Recovery 


Healthy Relationships (Women) 

Healthy Relationships (Men) 

Life Skills 

Seeking Safety 

Parenting Skills Group 

Dual Recovery 

Matrix Relapse Prevention


The CARS Outpatient team is enthusiastic, compassionate and dedicated to effectively treating those struggling with addiction. We work each day to give hope and support to those who are so desperately searching for change. In turn, we have the privilege of watching our clients transform their lives, their families and their communities and are reminded that treatment works and recovery happens. 

Additional Information:

Most major insurances including Medicaid are accepted. A sliding fee scale is offered for self-pay clients. Day and evening services are provided. We serve clients age 13 and older.  For information or an intake, appointment call 607-273-5500 or check the web at Treatment is individualized, with services spanning from 6 to 18 months including aftercare services.



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