January 14, 2017

Residential Referral Process

We have made it our goal to say “YES” to your referral as quickly as possible. In order to do this we have made some changes to our referral process.

We are now able to receive referrals in the following ways:

  • A completed referral application can be faxed to Patricia Tucker @ (607) 273-1277.
  • A completed referral application can be emailed to Patricia Tucker @ ptucker@carsny.org
  • A referral can be taken over the phone by calling (607) 273-5500 and asking for Patricia Tucker at extension 29.

In addition, in order to get you a “YES” as quickly as possible it is important that we receive the appropriate documentation.

We require the following documentation in order to expedite the referral process:

  • A completed referral application OR the clients most recent assessment (the assessment MUST be legible). Please note that we may require a copy of the clients’ assessment or request a phone screen with the client when a referral application is completed over the phone.
  • All of the following properly executed consents:
  • LOCADTR 3.0 (or a completed LOCADTR 3.0 that indicates residential rehabilitation as the appropriate level of care)
  • Referral Source
  • Tompkins County DSS
  • Emergency Contact
  • Medicaid Managed Care (or private insurance)

You can access a copy of our referral application by visiting our website @ www.carsny.org. Our referral application is located in Forms & Applications under the Resources section.