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The Miracle of Change

posted at 2014-04-16 15:52:00

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The Miracle of Change
      “We have a movie here at CARS in which at the end of the film one of the recovering clients depicted says, “I am a miracle” and I talk to my clients like that. I think of the times we talk about gratitude and self-care and they are hard pressed to come up with positive things to say about themselves but when they can say. “I’m a miracle” even if they are laughing because they think it is a little silly,  I think if they hear themselves say it enough they begin to believe it. When they feel good about themselves they give that back to everyone in the group and back to me and that’s progress.”
        I want to introduce you to Martha Grazul, LPN, CASAC one of CARS senior Addiction Counselors. Martha has been with CARS for over eleven years. I think the quote above is both an excellent introduction and summary of Martha and how she sees herself and her work here as an instrument of transformation.
     “I got into this work because I want to help others and to help them get to healthier place in their lives. I think my strongest skill is that I can be a positive person in the room.”
     “I think I can develop a therapeutic rapport well and I work on having a healthy relationships with my clients. I strive to be open and up front and to be clear about  things. I want them to see coming to CARS as an opportunity to reach their goals.”
     “I work for them to see the positives and it is my job to find things they offer in group and in sessions so that they might build upon that and work towards change.”
-by Bill Rusen